An Alliance of Film and Media Companies United in Innovation

“Universal Media Alliance combines some of the world’s most cutting edge film and media companies to give our clients an advantage
that no single film or media production company can.”

Our VisionWe know that many areas of the world are the best at a few particular things.

For example, the UK and the States have some of the best English-speaking presenters, while the Ukraine and Malaysia are capable of creating some of the world’s most cost effective high end productions.

However, the number of great native English-speaking presenters in the Ukraine or Malaysia are very small in comparison to the great presenters in London, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Want custom shots of Las Vegas? You need a film crew in Las Vegas!

Imagine that you want to do a commercial with handsome men and beautiful women within an opulent looking restaurant, dozens of real cast members and a fabulous native English speaker!

Renting the restaurant and hiring all of the cast members in Las Vegas, Los Angeles or London could be highly cost prohibitive.

But imagine if the native speaker was filmed against a green screen in London or Las Vegas and the rest was filmed in the Ukraine?

Suddenly you have an unbeatable combination of talent, equipment and production locations that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world!

“Universal Media Alliance isn’t just a company, it’s an Alliance of companies that synergistically superpowers each company’s capabilities.”

Our alliance includes talented teams of filmmakers, 3D and motion graphics artists, musicians, sound designers and visual effects specialists.

UMA employs methods used by some of the world’s largest and most prestigious software development companies to consistently beat deadlines, work without stopping throughout time zones and provide the best value.

UMA has tweaked these superior methods and technologies specifically for collaboration in the arts, in film, 3D, motion graphics.

Through these innovative new methodologies Universal Media Alliance is revolutionising collaborative filmmaking around the world.

Our teams in different time zones form a master team that works 24 hours a day.

Each team works in perfect synchronicity, passing the baton to the next team, resulting in a greater state of efficiency than was possible through traditional Hollywood methods.

This synergistic alliance allows us to cut costs while increasing the quality of all our productions.